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  1. Nezukoo

    I love cathrine so much!!!! She should have her own channel

  2. Nebula Gordon

    Aww elle is so cute

  3. potter world

    14:35 that is செம்பருத்தி Love from tamilnadu

  4. Ambrocia Jorgensen

    Thanks god bless

  5. Prachi D

    Those flowers at 14:35 are called Hibiscus. They are often used as offerings to Ganesha or other Gods, here in India. Also, I am obsessed with gardening and greens, and watching this video was a pleasure! <3

  6. Lemei Salim

    I don't think I will ever get shout-out here.😭 Just imagine 19 M subscriber n how can they choose me 😭😭

  7. Kauthar Sydow

    Its was the screaming for me 🤣🤣❤

  8. Andrea Hernandez-Tamayo

    “We” you mean the landscapers.....?

  9. Namya Priya P

    They are hibiscus flowers 🌺

  10. Saumya Mutalik

    Baby no.4??

  11. Foodielicious Vee


  12. Jayleen Ramirez

    I am a huge fan of the ace family

  13. Tiyana Smith

    Red flowers are hibiscus 🌺 they grow in Sri Lanka too!!


    Red ones are hibiscus 🌺

  15. Sathyaa Varatharaj

    Hibiscus flowersss!!

  16. potter world

    Any indian ?☺️

  17. Princess Me

    @theacefamily The flower is called hibiscus🌺

  18. Krystal Bova

    Ahhh I can’t believe steals birthday is on the 20th of June and mines on the 19th of june

  19. Nat

    I love when Catherine takes over ❤️

  20. Kaneisha Ivanna

    This are hibiscus 🌺 you get those in the Caribbean

  21. santosfanny123

    A proposal that no one has beat yet

  22. rocio martinez

    I see TOUR coming our way 🤨😌😬

  23. Viridiana Lopez

    Totally love how Catherine took over. She brings good vibes I love it. 😊🙂☺😆

  24. TheBrownKudi

    14:30 they are called hibiscus 🌺

  25. Arpita Pati

    Last red flower is hibiscus

  26. M D

    Red Hibiscus. I think

  27. Lesliy Guzman

    I live in Arizona

  28. Stephanie Hernandez

    Catherine raising some amazing kids ❤️

  29. Elijoo John

    Only the future Billionaires are reading these, and taking me to the journey of 2k before the end of this month [email protected],,,,.

  30. Marcia Recinos


  31. Syn K

    Hibiscus are available in my place like literally anywhere 🤭🤭

  32. kellna zialor

    yu are the cutest family

  33. Rene Nacis

    Happy birthday Cathy

  34. Syn K

    The red flower is called HIBISCUS. Which Austin liked it!

  35. Navya Gayathri

    🌺 hibiscus ❤️

  36. Rylee Pilon

    You guys should make a video where Elle and Alaia get to choose your outfits for the day!! 🤣❤️

  37. Rose Jeed Porcel

    The Red flower is Called Gumamela in Philippines or hibiscus 🌺🌺

  38. Priyanna

    The flowers at 14:35 are called Hibiscus! This emoji right here: 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 I literally grew up with these flowers in pretty much every house I’ve lived in 🤍

  39. Christie ghazarian

    She gets these really expensive stuff done to her face (making her skin better) and expects us to believe her products actually work. 🙄🙄😂😂

  40. Ski Martin

    @Theacefamily. It is call the hibiscus tree, I had them in my yard growing up

  41. Emmet K

    God I feel bad for that baby....

  42. Keytyana Perez

    Gumamela flowers 🌺

  43. Atreyee Das

    The red ones are red hibiscus....pretty famous in India

  44. Poornima R

    The red one's r Hibiscus flower🌺

  45. Preethi Naidu

    Those red flowers in your landscape are called “hibiscus” these are organic flowers their leaves are used for hair growth 🌺

  46. Shara Murtha

    Do you guys have any plants inside?

  47. Anna slim

    My birthday is June 13th and can I please have a shout-out

  48. Emilyros Hames

    Those red flowers are called hibiscus 🌺

  49. Vasantha Thangavelu

    Steel boy 😎👊did not want to leave daddy's lap to be with grandma he's smile makes yur day haven't seen the outside anytime the tour around was great massive garden project 👌 beautiful ❤️ that structure of the little wall separating the road is lovely love the garden those flowers hibiscus they beautiful ❤️ haven't seen one here in South Africa ❤️ I Love. gardening all kinds veg land scaping dad does look slim when Cathy spoke I wandered who's that the house is mighty big sometimes when the kids are running around they look so tiny and the echoes it's like a empty vessel making a big sound rats are exerywhere just throw some ratax pallets they disappear I did

  50. Anamika Singh

    Last red flowers is hibiscus plant....

  51. Nicole Carlos

    I love Catherine! She's so sweet, gentle, pure and genuine 🤗 love her energy so so much!!! ✊🏻❤❤

  52. Akshayaa K

    Hibiscus or shoe flower🌺

  53. Janhavi Phadke

    They are called the Hibiscus 🌺😚😚😚😚 Love to you catherine from India ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  54. Eyael Tesfaye

    Who else thinks the news is that there will be a basket ball game and people can come or they are launching new merch

  55. mathi vathani

    The red one with 5 petals is hibiscus

  56. Tiana-Lee Endo-Sumic

    The red one is hibiscus! I’m from Hawaii & we have those here too! <33

  57. sarvika pcmb c

    The red ones are called hibiscus

  58. Vedanga Binu

    those red flowers which austin was pretty they were called hibiscus they are so propular in india kerala

  59. rithikastar

    Hibiscus or shoeflower!

  60. Bee bee

    That red flower is hibiscus. National flower of Malaysia. Love from Malaysia.

  61. bennzel bejesus


  62. Rehaana M

    It’s called the hibiscus flower ☺️ great video as usual Ace family..loving the landscapinggg 💕

  63. Nightcore Omega

    Lailai world most cutest baby

  64. Jorge Perez

    new juice cups

  65. Dina Yasmianti

    Its look loke hibiscus. Have a lot in indonesia like that

  66. hussayna maria

    Catherine do u still speak Arab and French

  67. Roohani Bajaj

    14:40 They are HIBISCUS Austin!!!😂😂

  68. Sweetneko Asuna

    The red soothies as Austin worded it is called a hibiscus. They come in a variety of colors and is the state flower where I’m from in Hawaii 🌺❤️

  69. Candi Lease

    I can never get use to him saying “cathy “ I just can’t! I’m so use to him sayin “my bae bae” or “my queen” etc or just Catherine lol The Cathy is messin with me

  70. fern nandez

    CAN WE GET A DAY IN THE LIFE OF LAI LAI? 😂😂😂😂😂🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  71. Victoria Ortiz

    Steel boy handsome boy😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

  72. Lady Valguna

    Heyyyyy. Sis Cath, those res flowers are called gumamela, has a lot of variety here in the 🇵🇭. You can DM me on insta if you want some, we can talk @laytheangel10 God bless

  73. Maryam Rami

    It is Hibiscus, Malaysia's national flower!!

  74. Susmita Chettri

    name of a red flower is hibiscus

  75. diya


  76. Manasa Kethineedi

    They’re hibiscus.. Indians decorate gods with that flower also it has some great medicinal properties useful for hairgrowth Also i love you guys❤️

  77. Ananya Ravi

    The red flower is known as hibiscus ❤️ and it grows in other different colours like pink and yellow 🌺

  78. verena khoury

    Comment what video introduced you to the ace family ? For me it was when Austin pranked catherine by being theodore 😍 and since then I've never passed a video without watching it and actually enjoying it ❤️ also following you guys on all social media platforms 🙈😘

  79. Michelle Saverimuttu

    Shoe flower

  80. Nebula Gordon

    Catherine is so beautiful and humble I love her