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    1. Shadia Oroudje

      Austin should have let Catherine do her son hair and why the barber use a raser like it’s a baby he is supposed to use scissors from The beginning just saying 🤷🏻‍♀️

    2. lil nugget

      omg the double chin 🥺

    3. Ana Gonzalez

      Steel, is so cute.


      Cutest family ever like if you are an true ace family

    5. Olivia Ann Roadknight

      It looks amazing

    6. Lyric Cavota

      now i miss steel boys hair

    7. Tea Zan

      The haircut looks amazing on baby Steel

    8. six_mono_weirdO_o

      Love it

    9. Alissa Lopez

      yes sheel boy is handsone

    10. Alissa Lopez

      awww so cute sheel boy elle to alia

    11. Alissa Lopez

      hey ace family whats going on everybody

    12. Rainy Unique

      💙💙💙💙💙💙🔮 Instagram blocked me from commenting to many times for the Tesla so here I am lol

    13. Sigrid Galano

      Steel baby is definitely a momma’s boy 💙

    14. virdy salcedo


    15. Rainy Unique

      💙💙💙💙💙💙🔮 Instagram block me from commenting for the Tesla so here I am lol

    16. danielle brown

      Y'all are crazy

    17. Jocelyne Canchola

      His haircut looks good but Austin ain't gotta say "He's a boy, He's a boy, boys have short hair" like that stuff ain't right guys can have short and long hair besides Steel is gonna be able to choose how or even if he wants a haircut when he's older

    18. Daniel Felipe

      He's so chubby and cute i love chubby babies

    19. Crystal Ybarra

      His new hair cut is so cute

    20. Helayna Desrochers

      He is so cute! I have never seen Austin this excited before not counting the births of the children and the big milestones.

    21. Nowaki Akihiko

      WHY ya'll hating on Catherine's reaction to a haircut..... Did u not realise she wanted to cut her own son's hair and asked Austin to put the camera down to help her but but he didnt want to??? I can understand Catherine wanting her son to have his long and cute hair. LOVE U CAT!!! 🤣🥰

    22. Ejay & EM - EM channel

      I will wait to change the intro videos together your son sir austin mam catherine 😊 im watching from the Philippines🇵🇭 now im working in saudi 🇸🇦 i wish to notice and shout out next video 😁

    23. Hirushani Amarasinghe

      This baby boy is so healthy. Sleety handsome 🥺❤️ PERFECT FAMILY

    24. Rebecca Holbrook

      Steel had the most beautiful hair I sure hated to see it cut

    25. Shaanbir

      10:00, steels little face is soo cute

    26. Clare Mitchison

      IRvision getting comfortable with 11 ads per episode

    27. Tamia Kadir

      I love it😀😀😀😀😀

    28. Nayeli Roblero

      BABY # 4

    29. Plielad Dkz

      How months was he now

    30. Chelsea Helms

      Awe! So cute! 💇‍♂️💙

    31. G. Rodriguez

      Lol, after big sister said she liked it, the baby smiled.

    32. Gabriela Cabrera

      well the barber did a better job than you girl no often to that LOL LOL I think you should never cut your son hair again LOL LOL

    33. Presila Grabowska

      Ace family I think I am gonna get a t shirt of ace family 🥺

    34. Arijeta Hasani


    35. djdw2000

      Wow you are the first capital

    36. pelin polat

      Austin is honestly such a good father he's so underrated

    37. Boti Kap

      This dude is so fake at everything!!!!!

    38. Samriddhi Jha

      Whey the subs count is stuck at 19.1mil?

    39. *Tasha The Gamer*

      0:35 when Austin shoots the ball did you notice how it comes directly from the other side of him and not in front of him? and you can see the shadow come from the other side...

    40. Elizah Dominy

      dude this video made me get bad vibes from Catherine, I have honestly always thought so highly of her until this video, that poor barber...

    41. Lisa Aree

      I love Ace Family .... I've been watching you guys video my favourite. So excited to see how Cute Steel growing up. Love from the Micronesia ❤️❤️❤️❤️.

    42. Candace Capps

      Make sure to hide the clippers when hes around 3 or 4 hes going cut half of it off or one of the girls might lol

    43. Kendall Sampson

      I my first hair cut when I was four!😀

      1. Kendall Sampson

        I mean I got my first hair cut when I was four months

    44. Taylor Lewis

      How do ppl dislike videos that fast 😭😭😭but love yall DONE trying to get a shout🙌🙌🙌🙌

    45. Jillian Lewis

      y'all are mean asf, Catherine wasn't tryna hurt the barber's feelings and she didn't say that she didn't like it because she actually didn't like it, she was saying it because her baby is growing up, and a first haircut is an important milestone, it's understandable to be emotional, just wait till yall have kids smh.

    46. Kimberly Crabtree

      He looks so cute

    47. M.babieexx

      Elle is a mix of Catherine and Austin but in my opinion she mostly looks like Catherine

    48. Gilienne Talam

      I also feel bad for the person that I was cutting his hair

    49. Gulnaz Begum Noor Pasha

      anstin is right beby boy is so cute like anstin and beby boy just look like hes daddy

    50. Arlene Pepin

      He is so gorgeous. He good 👍

    51. Arlene Pepin

      Just let Catherine finish she doing a great job. Remember be positive, that mean even to your sweet wife lol.

    52. Mackenzie Fourte

      that is like dexter from night of the musam

    53. Mackenzie Fourte

      o my gosh

    54. Emely Reyes

      why y’all calling catherine dramatic and not austin she wasn’t even done cutting his hair n austin called a whole ass barber over a bit of hair

    55. Monique Lacey

      He looks so good I don’t know why she’s like that

    56. Maria Sulca

      I love the Ace family so much 👸🏻🤴🏻👧🏻👧🏼👶🏼

    57. Jazelle Garcia

      I love you guys to Elle to alaia Catherine to Austin everyone I love you guys

    58. rawa fxl


    59. Jessica Williams

      Baby looks much better (and more like a baby) with the cut! Austin was right on this one.

    60. Tayyeba Khurshid

      I like the haircut!! He looks cuter 😍

    61. Tsveti Painting channel


    62. Lit Shaawty


    63. Lit Shaawty

      You look like a Mexican version of the white girl in bring it on

    64. kenn

      the cut fits baby boy, he looks more freshh haha he's handsome and cute

    65. Erika Garcia

      I’m so surprised by some of these comments, I would literally be like Catherine on this like it’s an an emotional thing for her baby getting his first cut especially she wasn’t prepared for it and she’s use to seeing steel a certain way. I don’t even had kids but I get it and I don’t think she was being rude to the barber it was more funny and she was just being cautious he really didn’t cut too much off?? She even told him she’s not trying to come at him like that lol y’all too much

    66. Khemraj Sankar

      Love you guys thanks for the video 📸

    67. Rachel Cobbs

      Love the hair cut.

    68. Lutho Tena


    69. Kat Mendez

      I thought babies are not supposed to get a hair cut until they are one

    70. Sabrina Rosa

      I want a shout out I love you guys u guys always make me happy and laugh 🥰❤️

    71. Sabrina Rosa

      Omg I love u guys lol

    72. Yessenia Duran-Mendez


    73. The Sarah Family

      Catherinee it looks goodddd

    74. Chloe Shaw

      The baby boy is still cute ❤️😍

    75. Niña Apugan

      Catherine steel’s hair made him more cuter maybe you just tell that kinds of words because you haven’t realized it enough since you’ve got two amazing girls first then i guessed you were just new to these things don’t worry hair grows back 😊💗

    76. melany cruz

      I feel bad for the barber the hair is going to grow calm down Catherine

    77. Casituya _

      When’s the next hide and seek game??


      ”Boys have short hair!” Huh? 🤨🙄

    79. Erica Blanco

      I feel you about feeling sad of the haircut. I am the same lol no more haircuts!!

    80. Myiesha Guerra

      He is so cute I love you guys so much

    81. Lovely Foster

      Love the hair! Catherine did overreact because now it’s going to grow back thicker and she’s going to want the barber to come back 😂

    82. hey stob it

      Yow we don't feel what Catherine feels like. We're not in her shoes so stop bashing her also, it is kinda rude but let's just shut it. All of you are giving hate to her in this comment section

    83. Danny


    84. Jasleen Khanna


    85. A Jay

      Is it just me that felt for the monkey?

    86. Tia Brown

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    88. FLX Fitness

      Give him a fade

    89. oli xo


    90. Hala Zada

      I have to be honest i love catherine but she was really rude to the barber i feel bad for him no one talks like that

    91. akshuization

      Rich people and their silly problems.🙄

    92. coco

      I love the front door but why did you guys get a new one ?? xxxxxx

    93. Ибрагим Межитов

      13:12 Steel so cute!!!!!

    94. Denise Bertle

      it’s perfect!!

    95. ShessoFay

      😂😂 i’m sorry catherine but i’m with austin on this one 💛💛all love though

    96. Jennifer joseph

      where is elle \

    97. lana vives

      Steel haircut looks good

    98. Becca Demski

      You can’t tell a barber “i don’t know” and then be upset that the barber did whatever. He isn’t used to cutting baby hair.

    99. Lachandra Mcthune

      Why ask does he like girls and he jus gave two "girls" high fives and they were your family smh some ppl are really slow

    100. L3gacyLee

      Catherine is so dramatic 🙄