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    1. Lisias Shaanika

      ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Lisias

    2. Phayvor Goldie

      Who are the 7k peeps that disliked this video,seems like you need your lives to be disliked rhy??

    3. rachel hall

      I have if i see people needing help for example i need if i'm sick mom will get me soup. so i do that to the same so i know how it feels but you also need to think on the positive and that like you'll said be respective and don't come at you and ask random stuff cause i know if that happend to me i would feel not so comfortable. so i know how it feels it happend to me. love you'll and the kids god bless you'll

    4. Rosa R

      Love you ace family 💓

    5. Mariselys Selena Urena

      Y’all come on don’t do that no need even tho I knew it wasn’t real lol

    6. Waffle Cat

      they meant that this is their last video on 2020

    7. Lidismary Martinez


    8. Kayla Marriott

      How do you Love about your kids

    9. Elite Doctor

      They should've stopped making videos 4 years ago.

    10. Noelle Sung

      give me money to move to canada 💃

    11. María Rocha

      Is it just me or is (Cathy my nickname for her) is she cussing more than usual I liked it when she didn’t cuss.

    12. dety xd clan

      Shut up

    13. Yasmine V

      Still siked that I got to see you guys grow 💖 it’s crazy but I’m proud of you both ! You came a long way ! 👍🏻

    14. Yasmine V

      Yes I always put myself in other shoes.

    15. Cobra Kai Never dies

      Austin is cheating on his wife 😲

    16. Diana De Leon

      Do y’all Austin us cheating on het

    17. Kelsey Neu

      She’s not going 😭😂😂

    18. Kelsey Neu

      I’m dead his drink so mini 🤣🤣

    19. M. Cervantes

      “Hey guys”😭

    20. nicquae anderson

      May God bless you guys every day

    21. Rebecca Lemus

      Ace family member Rebecca I love u guys so much u are special ❤️ IRvision ever and I like watching the videos u made me happy

    22. krazy k

      When I saw this video: YES YES YES YES! When I clicked on it:NO NO NO SHIT!

    23. Riya Gazmer

      Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo what do you mean last video

    24. Jess Y

      I got excited for a second there

    25. Purity

      HIBM FAM WYA?!

    26. Tazzy LoveSJ

      And im here WISHING to win the lotto 😰🤓😅😅😅😅😅 so happy for yous though 🥰🥰😎

    27. Summer Wright

      Why would you tell people in the beginning of your video to subscribe to your channel it you were going to leave IRvision, what would be the point of that?

    28. paul newman

      Why the last?

    29. Team pig Gäjming

      Oh no we need money. Let’s make a 40 minutes long video called our last video. And then a week later upload a new video

    30. Cj & Kayls

      Yes Austin please do this program ! Xx

    31. Cj & Kayls

      Love You Ace Family

    32. Yazmin Ramos

      Please be on yt foreverrr !

    33. Yazmin Ramos

      Needed to this 🥲💘

    34. M. Shrek

      fucking cringe leave the kids alone

    35. Ranosch1 Roblox

      Why waht...Noo

    36. Rainy Unique

      💙💙💙💙💙💙🔮 Instagram blocked me from commenting to many times for the Tesla so here I am lol

    37. Sigrid Galano

      Who else’s heart dropped when they read the title? 💔

    38. Ari Hii

      They doing that for clout🙄🙄🙄

    39. DylanL33D3vlin

      I mean I not me lol

    40. DylanL33D3vlin

      I would never quit IRvision Austin

    41. Dionna Johnson

      What the f*** in hell

    42. Naomi Matautia

      ♠️❤️Heeeeeeyyyyyyyyy ACCCCCCEEEE FAAAAMMMMMIIIILLLLLLYYY !!!!!!! ♠️❤️

    43. julian vargas

      That program is a 🔥 idea

    44. Rainy Unique

      💙💙💙💙💙💙🔮 Instagram block me from commenting for the Tesla so here I am lol

    45. leen almuhaideb

      Don't people understand that money is not everything /:! Thats common knowledge and if you don't know that then you're the most superficial person ever. Sure it help, like a lot, but it doesn't necessarily make you the happiest person alive! I personally know a freaking millionaire who literally killed himself because he was too depressed!😂 he had everything that he could ever ask for, he could literally buy anything in the world but he still was sad and depressed. Just because they have money doesn't necessarily means they are the happiest people to ever live LMFAO. Like thats so funny that people would think that lol.

    46. Miss Royal

      I’m so mad

    47. Sabina Rai

      who got fooled by this video???

    48. Maiya Ferguson

      Hey I can’t Exaggerate this enough if you guys are going to just come on peoples IRvision Channel to hate don’t even comment on the video.

    49. Zymph

      well that was a fucking lie

    50. Michelle

      Again lies all lies

    51. Natasha Prasad


    52. Kaitlyn Dsouza

      Happy New year 🎊

    53. Pastellie’s World!

      stop manipulating your young audience it’s disgusting.

    54. Jessica Oliva


    55. Rainy Unique

      We knew y’all want leaving us lol y’all never will because y’all love us tooooooo much 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

    56. Cassandra Guzmán

      idk what I'll watch if they stop doing youtube 🥺

    57. Mateo Marcetic

      Such a motivational videoo💟💟💟💟💟

    58. Regretful_Wolf


    59. Rose M

      I’m rewatchin this 😂 it’s so good 😊

    60. Trevor Noble

      Man yall are some warriors i would take all the hate i would go off real quick shout to the ace family man i love yall so much

    61. Michelle nelson


    62. Courtney Bates

      Catherine you are my soul sister 😩💕

    63. Ruby

      If only it really was

    64. Tamika Mahadave

      I feel like this was very genuine.👌

    65. Andrea Carlos


    66. OoOo OoOoO

      How many last videos has it been now?

    67. Dark_ d1n0

      I wish this was real

    68. bernadette fashbaugh

      Why have a wedding when you’re already married? ??

    69. Paris Elizabeth

      I can barely get views on my channel with regular captions 😂 lol jk I love them regardless

    70. Kaye UO

      If only it wasn't click bait 😔

    71. Laura Saldana

      It’s funny how On the first question she had the look like his answer was bs. But he did seem like he was being fake.

    72. Emma Byrne

      The wedding was going to happen in 2020 if Catherine want pregnant... Why are they bummed out they didn't have the celebrations when they had a BABY!

    73. dianacadena35

      anyone who hates on them is because they want to be them :) just because they’re rich, it doesn’t make them less human. they’re smart enough to grow their wealth and that doesn’t make them bad people at all.

    74. lolita tavares

      so many hait but still following them ahahah you people make me laugh

    75. Kylee Sevic


    76. Kylee Sevic

      can y’all tell the truth for once in your lives?

    77. Kylee Sevic

      why oh why couldn’t this be real

    78. Brittany Waldbillig


    79. Brittany Waldbillig

      I love you family

    80. Tony Stark

      Ace family, I really respect you cuz even if u r talking hardships in rolls Royce it just promotes more about your hardships cuz a person who earned a rolls Royce couldn't have had it without hardships, it inspires us even more. Thank you

    81. yikes ?


    82. Aria Lane

      What a funny prank 😂😂

    83. Patricia Nicholas

      Do you not people God bless you both

    84. Frank Rizzi

      you shouldn’t be traveling during a pendemic thank u

    85. Jerileigh

      Better be your last video... You and your dad should be in jail you coward. Your wife is a fool for being with you and your daughter is also scared of you... Just like other girls... Unsubscribe

      1. Lady fatmah 0

        Why !

    86. Jovial Jada

      It's the lies for me

    87. Unpopular Kpop Opinions

      I’m used to this fake shit because they post clickbait all the time. That’s what their channel is about

    88. G G

      The fact that most of you guys (in the comments) only state the “material” things that they have says more about you guys than about them. Material things aren’t going to give you happiness or peace in the long run.. so i don’t know what you guys in the comments are trying to get out of this. You’re sending negativity out in the Universe and boy... how it is going to smak you right back in the face. Work on yourself man, do better. Wtf you doing sending negativity out. Bruh.. really, waisting precious energy for what. Wish that for yourself and make it in action! DO. BETTER. Hope this is a sign for some!

    89. 2014 Francesca Marsland

      This was so clickbait why do you mess with your "fans" like this

    90. Salvin Mou

      Done ✅

    91. Pash Jackson

      IRvision shows your true evolution and ima start mines soon!!!!!

    92. Pash Jackson

      You should have a talk show or motivation talk y’all talking that shit

    93. Pash Jackson

      It’s not about what you do it’s about how yuh do it

    94. U M R

      I knew this video was bullshit the moment I read the title of the video

    95. Christina Andreou

      Im very interests to know about the program that Austin is talking

    96. Christina Andreou

      My favourite family im so prouf of them they started from nothing and look what they achieved with a lot of hard work good on them xxxx

    97. Beachymommy

      The disgust in her eyes anytime he talks to holds her hands .... leave him sis leave him

    98. Hasel Quintanilla

      Y’all are judging them, saying their rich and shouldn’t worry they are people too and they work hard to be where they are this is not clickbait they are just answering questions y’all asked

    99. Savanah Smith

      there’s always so much hate on their videos, y’all need to remember that they’re people too??? just bc they have money, doesn’t mean they don’t have hard times. if all you’re going to do is hate, then get off their channel 🙂

    100. Chai Achas

      I knew this was clockbait so i unsub you guys