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    1. Taylor Catherine Tobias

      Wow! What a story. Congratulations Catherine. You deserve this. 🤍✨🤍✨

    2. Natasha Jackson

      You are so nice

    3. Mariselys Selena Urena

      Always have something up y’all sleeve I’m so into all the ways you guys make money so smart keep it up ace love you guys hopefully I can achieve just as much cause I have similar ideas before I even watched you guys since day one lol every time when Austin even came up with an idea I’m like I definitely would have came up with the same thing goring through the motions and experiences in the process seriously

    4. Isabella#_ 1

      See sometimes you can’t judge people because sometimes there going through a tough time like her so NEVER JUDGE before getting to know someone

    5. Victoria

      I love your energy! Love your story! You are just a remarkable women.

    6. LaShantí

      Im so proud of you! ❤️ you’re so genuine & talented ✨ Advice: Look to God and pray to Him and Trust in Him. Thats where your true health, strength, help, dreams and so much more comes from💕 Thanks for sharing your story with us🤍

    7. Yesenia Gonzalez

      I’ve been wanting to try her products SO bad but they are sold out again 🥺💔 Catherine when is the next restock? 🙈

    8. virdy salcedo


    9. Sherry Sharma

      The most positive person you are 🥺🥺🥰🥰 I always look up to you guys for motivation always ❤️❤️

    10. Ashton McGee

      Catherine you’re such a shining light! I’ve watched you from the beginning and you’re just the most radiant woman ever! I am a mama of 2 little girls and I wish I could be just like you! Wow mama ✨✨ all your fans are so proud of you!! ❤️❤️

    11. Cora Leadman

      Girl you need your own podcast

    12. Rainy Unique

      💙💙💙💙💙💙🔮 Instagram block me from commenting for the Tesla so here I am lol

    13. L&S CREW

      You’re so beautiful and your so real & raw! Keep doing you and making dreams come true. Don’t let the bad energy coming from over there knock you don’t!

    14. Jocelyne Canchola

      This is the most real I have seen Catherine and this video is so enjoyable

    15. Linda Keeney

      I want to getevrryday vloggs how do if do that I love you guys?

    16. jay

      You’re so special and I love you

    17. farida mufti

      Catherine needs a prodcast

    18. Katherine Damaris

      i never comment but as Catherine was speaking i felt so captivated, i can never listen to someone speak for very long i have a short attention span so typically when i watch youtube videos i skip a lot. i sat and listened for all 30 minutes and wow. truly she should start either a podcast or her own youtube channel and share her knowledge from over the years on skincare and self care with us. wishing you nothing but success and happiness

    19. Aria Fryday

      I just watched this entire video and heard you say a few times that there isn't any fragrance, checked the ingredient list and it literally says fragrance. Confused.

    20. helene Timmermans

      You're such a beautiful woman with so much love! Thank you for sharring your story. Lots of love from Holland ♥️

    21. Jerileigh

      Something I also have to share... Unsubscribe if you know what him and his dad get upto.. Wife pretends she doesn't know, and his ass should be in jail. Even his own daughter is scared of him. The ace family should be ashamed

    22. Goldengamers

      I love Catherine she is so Amazing an Beautiful And watching the ace family warms my heart❤️

    23. ChefChina Visuals

      This is beautiful. Because you are so invested into your brand not only emotionally and spiritually but I noticed you seem careful about what you put in and on your body so that is why I hope to have the opportunity to invest in the whole kit. I like you, struggle to find a good balanced skin care routine and so if I can trust products off the shelf I can trust to try 12 12. Thanks for sharing your story ✨

    24. Reem Kaur

      But you've not said sorry for many people not getting their products!

    25. Sandra

      Its so sad to see so many of you are so clueless and believe whats coming out of this creatures mouth smh Ill pray for all of you to come to your senses

    26. Priya K

      Is the moisturizer good for eczema?

    27. Jadey Soler

      This was sooo emotional, you’re an amazing person and I’m so happy for you!

    28. abigail namwinga

      Catherine gives me so much positive vibe ✨

    29. Jackelyn Briones

      I don’t like the background you guys should paint it or something

    30. Jessica Gonzalez

      After the skincare, you need a podcast

    31. Kayla Rody

      I think you should start your own channel

    32. Kayla Rody

      Yes go girl you so amazing

    33. Chelsea Helms

      Products are sold out but can't wait to try these!!

    34. Jahkiya Chandler

      Catherine is turly amazing geuine wonderful soul 😍😍😍😍😍 She's so inspiring and geuine. I love Catherine 😍😍😍😍😍 😍. Everything about her is amazing. Catherine's story is really inspiring. It breaks my heart how this youtuber Sloan always makes these rumors about Catherine and it's so sad. All THE ACE FAMILY " haters" should be ashamed of themselves. Catherine is amazing wonderful soul 🥰🥰🥰 I love everything about her. I love hearing Catherine talk. Her words are so geuine and heartwarming. All THE ACE FAMILY "haters* should be very ashamed of themselves. Catherine is such an amazing beautiful geuine wonderful soul. She doesn't deserve all the hate. Catherine is turly an angel 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇. She's geuine and wonderful. I'm beyond proud of how far Catherine has come. Her words are turly inspiring and geuine. I love Catherine so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Proud of her for starting her skin care line. Sloan should be very ashamed of himself for always making up thse unaccepted THE ACE FAMILY rumors. Catherine is turly a blessing.

    35. The Sarah Family

      You honestly need ur own channel, not leave this one but have one on the side

    36. Olivia Nicole

      Catherine, I know the chances of you seeing this are slim but I just want to put this out there anyway. I was scrolling through IRvision watching a few different videos. I always watch every video on your channel but during December I missed a few because I was so busy. I had not watched this video until now but something drew me in to watch this video for some reason. I started watching it and I was so interested in hearing your story and hearing about what happened throughout your life. Your story really opened my eyes to things and it’s crazy how the universe and spirits work. Towards the end of your video I had just quickly went to check the time on my phone and right when I look at it it says 12:12 am on the DOT. I just thought that was so crazy and like you said I can literally FEEL your energy through the screen! You have such a strong spirit and strong positive energy it resonates with me so much. I truly love how genuine you are you are such an inspiration. 🤍🤍 thank you for sharing your story so much!!

    37. Fiery Embers


    38. Carlo matismus

      F*ck you for the clickbait. Having people with face masks in a lab environment as a thumbnail during a pandemic with this title for a skin care line, is such an a capitalist a*hole move. Had to scream that into the void. See y'all never again.

      1. Francesca Deyo

        Go do something with your life ✨

    39. Christina ybarra

      Can't wait to try you skin care it sounds amazing and Natural and that is what I am going for

    40. Nicole Melendez

      Such a crazy and beautiful story ❤️😭 loved every minute of this video, so happy for you Catherine 💓

    41. Melissa Garcia

      This is so crazy I just came back from Mexico 🇲🇽 but I’m watching this on January 12 wow 12 is a powerful number

    42. noor dhaliwal

      u r doing amazing Catherine this is going to be so worth it

    43. OB VIOLET

      I love Catherine so much

    44. DeAnna S

      Im in love with this family. You guys are just so humble, real, honest and altruistic with others. Xo

    45. Tanniah Hardy

      This was a very interesting video. I got to get closer to you Catherine!

    46. Arjeta Zeneli

      The way she talks with so much wisdom and intelligence. I can feel the good energy radiating off of her through the screen.

      1. Tanniah Hardy


    47. Sumaiya Tuba Fahmida

      Catherine you are really an amazing person, Thank you sharing your life experience with us, I always pray that you do success in your life everything you do ❤️

    48. V de Vasc.

      I rarely ever follow/watch influencers let alone participate on social media fullstops but Catherine is a breath of fresh air to me she is really in-tune with herself and doesn't follow the crowd - which is not easy btw!! - she hasn't had the best of lives but she has chosen not to let life harden her like most people do. Like Catherine, Im also very spiritual, love books, nature, numbers, intellect - yet nobody would ever assume so because of the way I 'look' which can be very very lonely at times :(! Honestly, Catherine is just so pure and her energy really penetrates through the net for sure! I sincerely pray that her and her family are protected from evil, users and transgressors because unfortunately; when you have such a a healing spirit and clean heart - you attract A LOT of damaged people who will not hesitate to take advantage of your kindness! However, our duty is to pray that they see the light so that their negativity doesn't eat away at us! Thank you so much for being a breath of fresh air dear Dolorita - Love from London, UK

    49. Wolf Angel

      This story that you told us just made think of what I would do if I were you. You are so strong it's like you can do anything!!!! Never forget that and what them people told you!

    50. Nuhaa Holland

      Not a social media person at all. Haven't been on insta, FB, twitter for almost 5 years now. But I only watch IRvision for you guys! Will spend all day just watching and catching up on your videos. You guys just know how to make me feel good and better! So much love and happiness in a video! And you sure know how to make a person laugh and cry at the same time! Always good vibes from you guys. Been watching you for about 3-4 years now!

    51. Nuhaa Holland

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful inspiring story ❤❤❤

    52. Mariah Minny

      My heart was so happy watching this. I've been watching you and this channel with your family since the beginning and you've come so far as a person despite what the negative nancies say. I connect with this so much Catherine. Spiritual wise as well. Passionate. Can't wait to try out your products soon! much love!!

    53. Nuhaa Holland

      Would definitely buy ALL of your products if i had the money!! But all the best Catherine!!!!

    54. Nuhaa Holland

      Can listen to you for hours! Wish i was able to afford your ACE app/exclusive footage 🙈

    55. Nuhaa Holland

      In awe of you truly!!!!! You're amazing! Wishing you nothing but more success, happiness and blessings!! Much love, huge fan all the way from cape town, south africa!

    56. Paola Medina


    57. Prescious Mapanya

      This was so beautiful. Best of luck with everything Catherine ❤️✨✨✨you only deserve the moon from here on.

    58. Lisa Tingley

      Your such an inspiration ❤️

    59. Bro Sister

      Hearing her talk about her past Catherine realy does calm me down cuz i fealy felt bad today but you made my day :)

    60. Thando Mhlongo


    61. Tasnim Noboni

      Whenever Catherine comes to the camera and talk, it feels like we are in the same room and talking face to face❤️❤️❤️

    62. flaca Chavez

      Wow catherine i felt ur energy deep down in my soul. U are going to succeed like u have no idea. I wish u anything but the best.u are such a positive person i have enjoyed

    63. Hope Santiago

      Hope you r duh videos help thanks I think that your videos are amazing it’s help help help Hope you

    64. Myrna Seda

      Congratulations Catherine. Buenas suerte.

    65. Jennifer Limbu

      She so lucky that she find husband who loving supporting her because sometimes even how much we are talented or capable but end of day financially also important to successful our career planning they both are perfect each other 🙏🏻❤️

    66. ·Milkie Cookie·

      isnt crazy that this is posted on nov 24

    67. Denisa Doda

      Catherine you are amazing, your soul is so pure 🤍 It was really nice listening to you sharing your experience , I think you should do it more often or maybe start your IRvision channel .. because I think you deserve to have your own audience , maybe you can talk more about spirituality etc .. because is really interesting , it’s something that I’d really like to know I have always had a “ strange “ feeling towards the universe.. ( not in a bad way ) and listening to you brought up some things from the past ..... it really made me feel better . Btw you are inspiration and such an amazing woman , I really wish you the best Love your family ❤️❤️💜💜💙 Kisses from Italy /Albania 😘❤️

    68. lovenikslove

      I love your heart

    69. lovenikslove

      I wanna cryyyy, i love you so much

    70. Destiny Palin

      I love you soo much proud of you ❤️☺️

    71. Rodnelia Fortune

      Amazing and such an inspiring person... proud of u❤️

    72. Valentina Costello


    73. Valentina Costello

      Plz call me

    74. Valentina Costello

      I’m a Pam reader

    75. Mia Ray Molina

      It sounded like the ocean was behind this video 💛 idk why I felt the need to share that but ugh this video was amazing! Thank you Catherine! Just thank you 💛🌙 i love you!

    76. Only True

      You are always blessed & lucky enough wow, & so smart.

    77. Nevaeh Neal

      Wow 😯

    78. Karla Michel

      32:20 yess I don’t either

    79. Karla Michel

      Catherine is having her wedding December 12th

    80. Karla Michel

      Catherine is having her wedding December 12th

    81. Karla Michel

      Catherine is having her wedding December 12th

    82. Karla Michel

      Catherine is having her wedding December 12th

    83. Karla Michel

      Catherine is having her wedding December 12th

    84. Karla Michel

      Catherine is having her wedding December 12th

    85. Karla Michel

      Catherine is having her wedding December 12th

    86. Karla Michel

      Catherine is having her wedding December 12th

    87. Karla Michel

      Catherine is having her wedding December 12th

    88. Falak Naz

      OMG this video is beautiful.🤍i could listen to catherine talk all day‼️she should make a podcast.☺️

    89. Melissa .B


    90. 3M's&1A

      Catherine, you should still go to college. Getting an education no matter how successful you are just adds more to your worth. You’re intelligent and you would succeed for sure.

      1. Francesca Deyo

        She probably would if she had the time

    91. Reema J

      catherine needs to do a Draw my Life 😍 it seems so interesting wow

    92. Roxana Lopez

      What is the name of the products and where I can find them I’ll love to try them on

    93. Melissa Zapata

      I wish nothing but happiness and prosperity for you and your company ❤️

    94. Melissa Zapata

      Everything about this is beyond amazing 🙌🏽

    95. Ame chavez

      Catherine needs her own channel

    96. Laura Martinez

      This story of your grandma was just amazing.

    97. Amanda Anderson

      You have the same birthday as my youngest

    98. Wilber Kaisha

      I really love these kind of videos of how Catherine sits down and having a convo with us ! Thank you so much ❤️✨

    99. Andrea Ferreira

      What is this thing that Catherine talks about? @ 22:33

    100. MOON46x

      27:20 i love the moon too